About Deltatech

About Delta-Group

Delta-Tech, a Toray Group company since  September 30th of 2015, is a European producer of thermosetting prepregs, with its core business in carbon fibre reinforcements. Delta’s materials are widely used for high-end applications - such as Luxury/GT cars and racing cars - to manufacture structural parts, exterior panels and carbon look interiors.

Delta group is made of two companies: Delta-Tech, founded in Lucca, Italy, in 1999 and controlled company Delta-Preg, founded in Teramo, Italy, in 2001.

Delta-Tech develops and fabricates resin matrices, while Delta-Preg produces prepregs using matrices supplied by Delta-Tech.

Alongside the materials, Delta-Preg provides technical support and specific solutions to part manufacturers, designers, consultants, OEM’s, to obtain the best results with thermoset prepreg technology.